Tamarind with and without seed

The Tamarind tree produces pods which contain an edible pulp which is used in cuisines around the world. The pulp is also used for medicinal purposes. The seeds of the pod can produce tamarind seed oil. Indonesia is renowned for cultivation of high quality tamarind, which is widely consumed locally and exported to countries around the world. We procure fresh, high quality tamarind pulp, with and without seed, direct from farmers in Indonesia, mainly in East Java and Flores. We carry out strict quality control during procurement, cleaning and sorting and the final product is packed in clean, double layered plastic bags to ensure protection from moisture and pests. We supply:


Food and sweet processing industry


  • Tamarind pulp with seed
  • Tamarind pulp without seed
  • Tamarind seeds


In plain white plastic bags with inner PE liner


In dry containers