Betel Nuts

Betel Nuts, also known as Areca Nuts, are mostly grown in tropical climates around Asia. Indonesia is one of the largest growers of Betel Nuts in the world. The nuts are mostly used for chewing, animal feed or for medicinal and coloring purposes. In Indonesia, Betel Nuts are primarily grown in the Sumatra island and are harvested year round.

Rubyndo initially entered the commodity business in 1998 by exporting Betel Nuts and we have grown to gain a leadership position as one of the largest suppliers of Betel Nuts in the country. We source and process most of our Betel Nuts from the Jambi Province in our two processing centers. The Jambi Province is known to yield the highest quality Betel Nuts in the country.

We process all the different qualities available including all grades of Betel Nuts Split, Lalee, Whole and Areca Peel, where each quality is used for different purposes. We utilize sun and oven drying to thoroughly dry our betel nuts followed by polishing machines to clean and extract impurities. Our dedicated staff our highly trained in sorting betel nuts to ensure consistent product quality as per our customers’ requirements.


Food and sweet industry


  • 90-95% Good Cut, Half Split
  • 85-90% Good Cut, Half Split
  • 80-85% Good Cut, Half Split
  • Other Grades


In jute gunny bags


In dry containers. Approximately 27 MT per 40 feet container and 18 MT per 20 feet container

Detailed Information:

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