Raw Cashew Nuts in Shell

Raw cashew nuts in shell are processed to extract the cashew nut which is globally a popular snack and food source. We supply high quality raw cashew nuts in shell from Flores, Indonesia where we operate several warehousing facilities.

The cashew season in Flores generally begins in August and lasts until December. The island, located in East Nusa Tengarra province of Indonesia, is known to grow some of the largest and highest quality cashew nuts in the world and are sought after by major cashew processors worldwide.

We also source high quality raw cashew nuts from Kendari in South East Sulawesi when they are in season. We can supply several thousand tons of high quality raw cashew nuts every season.


Cashew processing industry


Various grades based on yield and nut count


In jute gunny bags


In dry containers. Approximately 17-18 MT per 20 feet container