Coconut Charcoal

We provide high quality 100% coconut shell briquettes for use in shisha/hookah or for barbecue. Our coconut shell briquettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes including cubes, pillow shape, cylindrical etc. and contain low ash and high carbon content. They are long burning (up to 2 hours), produce very little smoke, have white colored ash and generate zero odors. We can provide our briquettes in any packing specification required by our customers. Please visit our dedicated website for coconut shell charcoal briquettes,


Shisha/Hookah and barbecue


100% free from chemicals and made from pure coconut shell charcoal. Above 80% fixed carbon, below 3% ash content with white color ash. No odor or smoke during lighting.

Shapes available: Cube, Hexa, Stick, Khaloud in all standard sizes.


In small cardboard boxes with inner plastic liner and master carton boxes, as per buyer’s desired design.


In dry containers. Approximately 18-20 MT per 20 feet container and 25 MT per 40 feet container