We supply high-quality dried turmeric (Curcuma Longa) from Java, Indonesia. Our clients include leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide who use dried turmeric for Curcumin extraction. Javanese dried turmeric typically has a curcumin content of above 4%, so is ideal for extraction purposes. Curcumin is used in a variety of medicinal products as it is touted for its far-ranging beneficial effects on health. Central Java is the region producing the highest volumes of turmeric and ginger in Indonesia. The Indonesian peak turmeric season typically begins in April and lasts till October.

We source fresh turmeric direct from farmers and agents throughout central Java and carry out thorough drying and sorting of the turmeric in our facility in Wonogiri, Central Java. The final product is high in curcumin content, well-dried, rich in color, and free from dust and extraneous products. The dried turmeric is exported in dry containers to destinations worldwide. We can supply several thousand tons of dried turmeric every season.

Central Java, Indonesia

Curcumin Extraction

  • Above 4% Curcumin content
  • Maximum 1% extraneous matter
  • Below 12% moisture
  • Brown/orange color

3000 MT per season

In plain white PP plastic bags

In dry containers. Approximately 22 MT per 40 feet container

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